Three New iPhone Photography Tutorials Published By Apple

  • iPhone, how to shoot an overhead using the iPhone, and how to shoot in black-and-white on the iPhone to add extra creativity to your noir shots. Check out the three videos embedded below to help improve your iPhone photography skills. Apple explains, “We believe that everyone can take great photos. Here are some tips and techniques to help you take even better ones — and enjoy them — with your iPhone.”

    For more information on how to use your iPhone camera jump over to the official Apple website where Apple has published a wealth of tutorials and support to get the most from all the settings and technology included in your iPhone device and its high-resolution camera that is capable of capturing 4K Ultra HD images and video. To recap the latest iPhone X is fitted with both 12 megapixel wide-angle and telephoto cameras offering wide-angle: ƒ/1.8 aperture and Telephoto: ƒ/2.4 aperture together with dual optical image stabilisation and a Quad-LED True Tone flash with Slow Sync.

    Source: Apple

Samsung Has Excess OLED Displays After Apple Cuts iPhone X Production

iPhone X

Apple is rumored to have cut iPhone X production and this has apparently left Samsung with excess OLED displays.

According to a recent report, Samsung is looking for new customers for its OLED displays as it now has excess production capacity for these displays after Apple has changed its requirements.

It would also appear that some of Samsung’s competitors in China are expanding their production capacity of these displays.

Samnsung’s OLED displays retail for about $100 each and this is one of the reasons why Apple’s iPhone X comes with a higher then normal price tag of $999. The higher price has apparently stopped some companies using these displays in their handsets.

A normal LCD display is around 40% cheaper than an OLED display, this is apparently one reason why smartphone makers have not switched over fully to OLED.

Source Nikkei

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New iOS Bug Will Crash Your iPhone When A Message Is Received

iOS bug

It looks like a new bug has been discovered in Apple’s iOS that will crash your handset when a message is received. The bug was originally spotted by Italian blog Mobile World. Tom Warren from The Verge has tested the bug out and released a video of it in action.

The video below which was posted on Twitter shows the bug happening on an iPhone when a specific message is received.

The message is a character from the Indian language Telugu, when it is sent to Apple devices on iMessages it will cause the device to crash. It looks like once this has happened the messaging app will no longer open the messaging app.

The way to fix this is get one of your friends to send you another message and then open the app. Once it is open you will then need to delete the message with the character in it.

Source The Verge

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Verizon iPhones Will Now Be Locked To Stop Thefts

Verizon iPhones

At the moment all Verizon iPhones and other smartphones on Verizon Wireless are unlocked, this means you can use them with any carrier. Now Verizon has revealed that its new smartphones will be locked to its network in the future, this is apparently to stop theft of handsets.

This means that locked iPhones and other smartphones cannot be used with another mobile carrier until they are unlocked. Verizon says it is doing this to stop fraud and theft, you can see an official statement from the company below.

“We’re taking steps to combat this theft and reduce fraud,” Tami Erwin, executive vice president of wireless operations for Verizon, said in a statement. “These steps will make our phones exponentially less desirable to criminals.”

At the moment all of Verizon’s smartphone are unlocked and FCC rules require Verizon to unlock handsets as part of its acquisition of some of the 700 MHz spectrum that is used to power it 4G network.

We presume that Verizon will put something in place to make it easy for people to unlock their handsets with the carrier if they want. This is useful for people who travel abroad and want to use a local SIM card in their handset.

Source Cnet

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iPhone Source Code Leaked By Low Level Employee

iPhone Source Code

Last week we heard that some iPhone source code had been leaked, the code was iBoot from iOS 9 and Apple did not seem too bothered about it as it was from an older version of iOS.

Now it would appear we have some more information on who leaked the code, according to a recent report from Motherboard the code was leaked by a low level employee at Apple.

The iBoot code for iOS 9 is around two years old, it could possibly be used by hackers and security researchers to help jailbreak Apple’s iOS. Apple has said that the like does not pose any security risk for users.

The code was actually taken from Apple’s HQ back in 2016, although it took until 2018 for it to surface online. The code was taken from Apple by a low level employee, who had apparently never meant for the code to get out..

Instead he apparently shared the code with some friends in the jailbreaking community, it was apparently originally shared with just five people. The code was apparently only meant to be shared with these five people, although it a ended up being shared with more people and then it ended up being shared online on Github, the code has since been removed from Github at Apple’s request.

Source Motherboard

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Apple Talks About The New Battery Performance Features In iOS 11.3

IOS 11.3

Yesterday we heard about the second beta of iOS 11.3 which brings some new battery management features to the iPhone.

Apple has now revealed some more details about the new Battery Health feature in iOS 11.3, these will show the health of the battery, its maximum capacity and also whether there are any issues with it.

Apple is releasing these new features in response to the backlash it received when it was discovered that the company was slowing down iPhones with degraded batteries. The company is facing a number of lawsuits for this and also scrutiny form various agencies.

This applies to handsets like the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus, the iPhone SE and the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. The new feature shows when the battery performance on your handset is normal and also when the performance management feature is enabled.

Apple will allow you to turn this feature for performance management on and off when the final version of iOS 11.3 is released.  The new battery health section will also let you know when you battery on your handset is degraded and when it needs to be replaced. You can see full details about these new battery features at the link below.

Source Apple

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All Three iPhone X Handsets To Get Face ID

iPhone X

Apple are expected to launch three high end iPhones this year, these handsets will have a similar design to the existing iPhone X. We already know that one of the handsets will come with a 6.1 inch LCD display, this is expected to be the cheapest of the three handsets.

The other two handsets will come with OLED displays, one is said to feature a 5.8 inch OLED display and the other a 6.5 inch OLED display. We previously heard that the design of the three handsets would be similar to the existing iPhone X.

This suggests that the three new iPhones would feature a notch at the top of the display for Apple’ Face ID. According to a recent report all three versions of the new iPhone will come with Face ID.

Apple are expected to launch their three new iPhones around September or October of this year, we will have more details about the handsets closer to launch.

Source 9 to 5 Mac

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Apple Investigating Incoming Call Delays On iPhone X

iPhone X

Apple is apparently looking into a possible bug on its iPhone X which is related to delays for incoming calls. A number of reports of the issue have appeared 0n Apple’s support forums.

Some owners of the iPhone X are reporting that their handset rings but nothing is shown on the display, with some saying that the information is shown on the display around six to eight seconds after the ringtone starts.

People who have had this issue have restarted their handset and the issue has gone away for some time. One user reported that after restarting the issues was solved for around 15 to 20 calls and it then started up again.

Apple have no confirmed to MacRumors that they are now looking into these reports of an issue with incoming calls with the iPhone X. As yet the company has not revealed how widespread the problem is and when a fix will be released.

It would appear that this issue is only affecting the iPhone X, it does not appear to be affecting other models of the iPhone. If you have experienced this issue on your handset, please leave a comment below and let us know. As soon as we get some more details on how Apple plans to fix the issue, web will let you guys know.

Source Apple Support, MacRumors

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Intel Expected To Supply Modems For This Years iPhone X Handsets

iPhone X

Apple are launching three new iPhone X handsets this year, one will come with an LCD display and the other two will feature OLED displays. Now it would appear that we have some more details about the new 2018 iPhones.

According to a recent report, Apple will use Intel modems in this years new iPhones, the company is said to be switching to Intel for all of their handsets. Apple currently uses Qualcomm for modems in its devices, although the two companies are having a legal dispute at the moment.

The legal problems between Qualcomm and Apple could be one of the reasons that Apple has decided to switch to Intel for all of this years handsets.

Another reason for the switch is the new Intel XMM 7560 modem which supports both GSM and CDMA networks, this means that Apple could launch one version of each device that would support all of the major US carriers.

The news of the switch from Qualcomm to Intel comes from KGI Securities analyst Ming Chi Kuo who has revealed that Apple is switching companies for its modems in all of this years iPhones. This could be a way for Apple to put some pressure on Qualcomm for the two companies to sort out their legal disputes. Apple could decide to use Qualcomm for modems in the future if the issues are resolved.

Source MacRumors

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Apple Starts Selling Refurbished iPhone 7 And iPhone 7 Plus From $499

Refurbished iPhone 7

Apple has today started selling refurbished iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus smartphones, with a refurbished iPhone 7 32GB phone now available to purchase priced at $499, with one business day shipping included in the price. Refurbished Apple iPhone devices offer the same one-year warranty as a brand new iPhone and come with all the official manuals and accessories you would expect. As well as a new battery and outer shell all neatly sealed in a new white box printed with “Apple Certified Pre-Owned” on the front.

The iPhone 7 was originally released during September 2016 and is now available as refurbished stock in all five colours, Black, Jet Black, Silver, Gold, and Rose Gold. As well as all three storage capacities : 32GB for $499, 128GB for $589 and 256GB priced at $679, providing a 10 percent discount off Apple’s retail price for new iPhone 7 hardware. Apple refurbished iPhone 7 Plus smartphones are also available with either 32 or 128GB of storage priced at $599 and $689 respectively and are available in Black, Gold and Rose Gold.

If you’d like to extend the Apple warranty further, as with new phones all Apple refurbished devices can have their warranty extended by up to two years from the original purchase date. AppleCare+ pricing currently stands at $129 for the iPhone 7 and $149 for the iPhone 7 Plus in the US. To check out the full range of Apple refurbished iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus smartphones jump over to the official Apple refurbished website by following the link below where all Apple refurbished hardware is available to browse.

Source: Mac Rumours :  Apple

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